The development of Chinese auto brand spare parts

On April 24, 2021, the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association held a conference with the theme of “Implementing Brand Strategy for Industry Development” and the establishment of the Automobile Maintenance Parts Brand Building Service Center. The goals and contents of the future work were clarified, and the key tasks for this year were deployed. The authorized evaluation agency of the Auto Repair Parts Brand Building Service Center stated that it will adhere to the principles of “objectivity, fairness, scientific rigour, high quality and efficiency, and standardized integrity”, and promises to “check out and serve well” for the evaluation of auto repair parts brands. Representatives of auto repair parts distributors and auto repair parts manufacturers expressed that they will actively participate in the future brand evaluation and brand building.

Auto repair parts brand building service centre carries out auto repair parts brand evaluation. Future work will play a role in many aspects:

Promote the healthy development of the circulation of auto repair parts

Promote the establishment of a socialized circulation network of high-quality repair parts through the development of brand building services for auto repair parts. Ensure that all maintenance companies and car owners have the right to use branded parts to repair cars, promote fair competition in the car maintenance market, and protect consumers’ right to make independent consumption choices. It is convenient for auto repair parts circulation enterprises to develop e-commerce, innovate the circulation mode, and deepen the integrated development with the repair industry. On the basis of making full use of the Internet of Things technology, establish a traceability system for auto repair parts to ensure that the supply channels of parts are open and transparent, realize the traceability and traceability of auto repair parts, and promote the recoverability and accountability of consumers’ legal rights and interests. Strengthen the quality and reputation guarantee of auto parts.

Actively promote the digital transformation of the automotive aftermarket

Implement the “Administrative Measures for the Implementation of the Disclosure of Technical Information on Automobile Maintenance” of the Ministry of Transport, make full use of the Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technical means, and use the evaluation results of the maintenance parts brand to promote the construction of industry informatization, and link the “automobile electronic health record” system for Improve vehicle maintenance data files, promote auto three guarantees, fair trade of second-hand vehicles, and provide means and basis for the recall of defective auto products. Focusing on improving the industry’s digital supervision capabilities, providing a standardized data foundation for the evaluation of network platforms for automobile maintenance service quality, helping maintenance companies to establish and improve maintenance service management information systems, operating with integrity, providing high-quality services, and improving corporate management efficiency and level. Promote the normalization and standardization of adaptation data for auto repair parts.

Helping the healthy development of the automotive aftermarket

Use the evaluation results of the repair parts brand to promote the transparency of auto repair parts data and market transparency, so that the identification of good and bad can be based on. Promote fair competition in the market, and play an active role in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, eliminating unfair competition in the operation of auto parts, and promoting the implementation of national mandatory standards. Provide a reference for law enforcement on suspected price monopoly and other price violations, use of counterfeit and inferior parts to repair cars causing potential safety hazards, and handling road traffic accidents. Promote the overall improvement of the quality of automobile maintenance services, and create conditions for consumers to obtain a fair environment for transparent and safe consumption.

Boosting the comprehensive reform of auto insurance

Accelerate the convergence with the auto insurance industry, so that the brand evaluation results of auto repair parts provide an effective basis for the generation of differentiated insurance rates. Through the evaluation of auto repair parts brands and the rapid expansion of the SKU scale, the foundation has been laid for the realization of differentiated rates for auto insurance. Promote the use and promotion of auto repair brand accessories that meet the evaluation requirements, promote insurance companies to accurately determine damage, reduce repair costs and insurance costs, and protect consumers’ interests.

In order to serve the economic and social development to a greater extent, continuously improve the quality of life of the people’s cars, transform the development model of the industry, improve the service capability and governance system of the industry, respect market laws, optimize the market structure, stimulate market vitality, and promote the standardized and healthy automobile maintenance industry, Sustainable development, it is also necessary to give full play to the functions and roles of industry associations, chambers of commerce and other intermediary organizations, such as bridges, industry self-discipline, service industry, and service society, to serve upstream and downstream industries in the industry, extend the industry value chain and promote innovation in the automotive aftermarket. Actively explore and cooperate with each other to make a difference.

In the past few decades, China’s auto parts industry has developed rapidly, initially being promoted by the auto parts industry.


Some parts made in China are of extremely high quality and are as good or better than parts made elsewhere. Moreover, Chinese manufacturers are improving every year. Among the cars manufactured and assembled in the United States, parts made in China are also widely used. When you buy a “Made in America” ​​car produced in the past 10 years, it is very likely that most of the parts (especially electronic parts) come from Chinese OEMs.

The long-term plan encourages development in specific core and key component areas of future automobiles, including power batteries, vehicle sensors, components for modular development, and automotive semiconductors. It also encourages the development of specific plans and innovation centres to achieve sharing. Chinese auto parts suppliers have grown and increased their production. They have improved their technological capabilities through supply relationships with joint venture automakers. China has also participated in joint ventures with foreign parts suppliers.

Chinese parts suppliers account for an increasing share of global production. Chinese auto parts suppliers have become important global suppliers, both in terms of quantity and from the supply of parts to the design and manufacture of assembly systems for components. Combined with government policies and interactions with foreign countries, China’s auto parts are also developing in a better and better direction.

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