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Recent years have seen a rapid increase in China’s automobile export volume. According to the figures released by China Association of Automobile manufacture, China’s automotive enterprises exported 231,000 units, increasing the volume by 33.8% compared with that of the last month and by 110% year on year. The new energy automobile contributes to 43,3% of the increase. From January to October 2021,1,594,000 units were exported by automobile companies, 1.2 times more than the figure last year.


2019-2021 Car Export Volume Comparison

The increasing export volume indicates that China’s automobiles become more popular with overseas customers. Known as one of the leading suppliers of automobile components, LLEIDA also exports China automobiles of various brands. Do you know the operations of car packaging? Let’s go through the steps.


Check the carrier

The carrier should not be damaged or dented on the body and the doors and handles should be intact and fixed. The checking benefits reduceing the risk of car damage when shipping.


Lift the car of the ground

This process requires a careful operation. Car packaging is always conducted in a warehouse where the carrier is on a truck, which means the car should be lifted off the ground. Usually, the operator will slowly drive the car up the ramps.


Lift the car of the ground


Drive the car into the carriier

Before loading the car onto the car carrier, the ramp is securely attached to the moving truck. After the attachment is done, the operators will slowly drive the car into the carrier.


Drive the car into the carriier


Secure the car

Now that the car is on the car carrier, it’s time to secure it. Start with wooden triangles against the 4 wheels and then nail long nails through the triangle into the wooden boards at the bottom. The 4 wheels are then tied to the bottom of the container using sturdy straps to secure them firmly and prevent the car from wiggling around during the trip.


Secure the car


Closing the carrier is the last step and then your vehicle from LLEDIA will find you in some time. If you have any problems, contact us! LLEIDA can answer your questions and provide you with quality products!

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