How to find the best shock absorber supplier in China?

Characteristics of China’s automobile shock absorber industry

Three Characteristics of China’s Automobile Shock Absorber Industry: High marketization, Fierce competition, Not concentrated

Shock absorber manufacturing plants are mainly concentrated in Dongbei, Beijing and Tianjin, Central of China, Southwest of China, Yangtze River Triangle, and Pearl River Triangle Automotive parts industry centralized district, Especially in the Yangtze River Delta.

China shock absorber manufacturers can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. International famous auto parts companies in China’s wholly or joint venture, such enterprises have strong funds and research and development strength, and can directly provide shock absorbs for internationally renowned automotive manufacturers. There are also some products in the automotive after-sales market.
  2. China’s local strongly-owned enterprises, do high-end products, providing shock absorbers for China Automobile, also supplies in developed countries such as Europe and America.
  3. Small and medium-sized private enterprises with small production scale, the products are mainly for the after-sales market, mainly exported to emerging markets such as Southeast Asia.

How to choose China’s automobile shock absorber supplier

By search engine or B2B platform, you can find a large number of Chinese shock absorbers suppliers. Then comparing the company’s scale and credibility, product quality, service level, delivery efficiency, you can choose from your favorite partners. But the entire process takes a lot of time, at the same time, it is not familiar with the Chinese market, the purchase efficiency is relatively low, and it has also added purchasing costs.

So how can we find the best supplier?

First, we need to find a professional service provider, just propose our needs, they can develop the best procurement plan for us, and provide one-stop service, from purchasing to transport, to reduce the cost and risk of each link for us.

As a professional service provider with 15 years of automotive parts import and export business experience, LLEIDA has a rich supply chain resource and has established cooperation with more than 3,000 factories and more than 20 Chinese automobile brands and other related associations. LLEIDA ensures product quality and provides advantageous prices, there is also a one-stop service, we have served more than 5,000 customers.

Messages should be noted when ordering Chinese auto shock absorbers

  • To choose a brand, generally influential brand quality is more trustworthy
  • Select manufacturers with export qualifications. It also needs to be investigated product quality, credibility, after-sales service, delivery time, and other factors.
  • Choose a professional service provider to help you develop the best solution, like LLEIDA.

How to negotiate with China Supplier?

1. Don’t quote first

Experience tells us that it is difficult to get an advantage when you quote first.

2. Never receive the first offer

Most suppliers give a higher price for the first time. They will provide the buyer to a bargain, after negotiation, and finally get your satisfaction price.

3. Concession slowly

Get slower when negotiating with the supplier, so it can improve credibility. Otherwise, the supplier will find your weaknesses.

4. Let suppliers offer detailed prices

In order to increase the advantages of purchasing negotiators, you must require suppliers to provide a detailed price list, and the detailed list will help you check and then compare the price.

LLEIDA can provide a variety of brand models shock absorbers. Choose LLEIDA, choose a peace-keeping solution, give you an intimate service and quality products.

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