How to deal with common failures of the car shock absorber?

As an important part of the car chassis, the shock absorber plays an important role in reducing vibration. And in actual use, when there’s something wrong with the shock absorber, how can we identify that?


How to test whether the shock absorber works well?


1, After 10km driving along a rugged road, touch the hull of the car absorber. If you feel that it does not gain some heat, indicating that there is no resistance inside the damper and the damper does not work. At this point, you can add some lubricant, and then test again. If the hull is pretty hot, then the oil inside the damper is not enough, you should add more oil; But if there’s still no any temperature rising, the damper fails.


2, Press hard on the bumper, if the car has 2-3 jolts after you release the press, the shock absorber is working well.


3, When you drive slowly and suddenly brake the car, if you feel apparent car vibration, there must be something wrong with the shock absorber.


4, Remove the damper and make it upright, and clamp the connecting ring at the lower end on a vise. Then pull and press it hard, there should be a stable resistance. The resistance to pulling up should be greater than to the pressing. Unstable resistance or no resistance indicates inadequate oil inside the car absorber or a broken pump and some repair or replacement thing should be done.


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What should you do when you find automobile shock absorber fails?


1, First, check whether the damper is leaking or has some old oil marks; whether the oil seal gasket and seal gasket rupture are damaged, whether the storage cylinder cover nuts get loose.


2, If you find oil leaking, tighten the cylinder cover nuts.


3, If the damper is still leaking, the oil seal and sealing gasket should be replaced.


4, If the damper is still leaking, pull out the damper rod. If there is some stuck, check whether the clearance between the piston and cylinder barrel is too large, wheter the damper piston rod is bending, whether the piston rod and cylinder barrel have scratches on their surfaces.


5, If there’s no sign of oil leakage on the car damper, then you should check the damper connecting pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber bushings, etc to see whether there are damage, off welding, rupture…


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