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Name:JINBEI HAISE Headlight
OEM Model :3009746HY
Fit Vehicle:HAISE

Name:China North-Benz Dump Truck Headlight
OEM Model :A 571 820 01 61
Fit Vehicle:Dump Truck

Name:SAIC MG3 Headlight
OEM Model :10132491
Fit Vehicle:MG3

Name:GEELY GC6 SC6 Headlight
OEM Model :1017031582
Fit Vehicle:GC6、SC6

Name:JMC TRANIST Headlight
OEM Model :CN3C15 13006AD
Fit Vehicle:TRANIST

Name:SINOTRUK HOWO Headlight
OEM Model :WG9719720015
Fit Vehicle:HOWO

Name:GEELY CK-1 Headlight
OEM Model :1017015736
Fit Vehicle:CK-1

Name:GEELY EC7 Headlight
OEM Model :1067003376
Fit Vehicle:EMGRAND EC7

Name:SAIC MAXUS V80 Headlight
OEM Model :C00000002
Fit Vehicle:MAXUS V80

Name:BYD F3 Headlight
OEM Model :10322191-00
Fit Vehicle:F3

We have a professional QC team responsible for the inspections of factory and goods and the production issue. Thanks to our rich experience, our processes are even more rigorous and professional than third-party organizations. We are committed to bringing the right products and good quality to our customers.

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The 20,000 square meter logistics center is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, "Hangzhou", which can deliver goods efficiently and ensure that customers receive goods as soon as possible.

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Front Headlight

The headlights we see every day usually integrate wide lights, high beam, low beam and turn signals, and the front fog lights of some vehicles are also included in the headlights.

Currently, the common forms of headlights on the market are mainly halogen, HID xenon and LED lights.

A halogen lamp is a tungsten lamp filled with halogen elements like bromine iodine or halide, also called tungsten halogen lamp, and it is a special kind of incandescent lamp. Halogen lamp is brighter and more durable than the traditional incandescent lamp, the light is white and yellow, with relatively low cost, and is now widely used in low-end vehicles. During production, lenses and reflective lighting principles are used in the construction of the lamp assembly to improve the efficiency of the light.

HID xenon headlights are high-pressure gas discharge lamps filled with a mixture of inert gases, including xenon gas. Unlike halogen lamps, xenon lamps do not have a filament, there is only one gas light-emitting point in the lamp, and the light is green-blue, which is brighter and less energy-consuming than halogen lamps, with a longer life span and a medium cost, seen mostly in mid-range vehicles.

LED headlights use LED as the light source. LED has high brightness, color variety, low power consumption, and long life. In recent years, due to the need for design, aerodynamic requirements and aesthetic needs of the car shape, low side streamline shape is becoming more and more popular, and the shape of the headlights is also developing towards exotics and integration. The cost is higher and is now mostly seen in high-end vehicles.