Great Wall Shock Absorber Buying Guide

Structure of Great Wall Shock Absorber

Great Wall Shock Absorber

As shown in the figure, the Great Wall shock absorber assembly is composed of shock absorber, spring, top rubber, bearing, buffer block, dust cover, and other accessories.

Types of Great Wall Shock Absorbers

Different models need to be equipped with different types of shock absorbers in order to achieve a good shock absorption effect and driving experience. Let’s take a look at the types of shock absorbers that Great Wall Motors can be equipped with.

Great Wall Tank 300 car modified shock absorber can adjust different damping according to different road conditions. The larger the damping force is in the clockwise direction, the smaller the damping force in the counterclockwise direction is. From four aspects: Improve the passability, enhance the load capacity, improve the handling, improve the comfort, and bring a comfortable and durable experience.

Great Wall Tank 300 car modified shock absorber

Great Wall H3/H5 Adjustable Shock Absorber has eight modes. External adjustment can adjust the hardness of the shock absorber in stages, the smaller the value, the more comfortable it is. Bumps can be reduced by increasing the load.

Great Wall H3H5 Adjustable Shock Absorber

Great Wall C30C50 front and rear shock absorbers, can provide assemblies or separate shock cores.

Great Wall C30C50 front and rear shock absorbers

Great Wall Haval H9 modified shock absorber can adjust the hardness. Nitrogen lifts shock kit specially equipped for Great Wall Harvard H9, suitable for high-intensity off-road, comfortable and stable without abnormal noise.

Great Wall Haval H9 modified shock absorber

Does your car have the following problems?

  • Shock absorber oil leakage, abnormal noise, aging parts
  • Shock spring performance attenuation, car body collapse
  • Understeer or oversteer, steering wheel vibration, veering off course
  • Emergency braking, the front of the car will sink, extended braking distance and irregular tire wear
  • The body vibrates a lot, the bumps are serious, and the shock absorption fails
  • Shock absorption reaches service life or mileage

If the above conditions exist, your shock absorber may be faulty and it is time to replace it with a new shock absorber.

LLEIDA can provide various types of shock absorbers, just tell us your needs, we not only provide products but also provide a full range of services.

How much does it cost to buy shock absorbers in China?

If it is an ordinary shock absorber, the price is generally around 500-1000 yuan; and if it is a shock absorber with high technology content that can adjust the damping force, the price generally ranges from 1000-5000 yuan.

How to buy great wall shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers can be purchased through the B2B platform. First of all, you need to confirm your model and find the matching shock absorber according to the model; then compare the product price, quality, evaluation, suppliers, and other dimensions.

Or you can also contact LLEIDA and provide us with your needs, we will provide you with a one-stop service. As a professional service provider with 15 years of automotive parts import and export business experience, LLEIDA has a rich supply chain resource and has established cooperation with more than 3,000 factories and more than 20 Chinese automobile brands and other related associations. LLEIDA ensures product quality and provides advantageous prices.

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