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Geely Free Cruiser was a classic product of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd, a Chinese automobile manufacturer. GEELY Free Cruiser was the first IP-backed car of Geelydeveloped by Geely in cooperation with the Korean Daewoo Group. It was codenamed CK-1 which consisted of the initials of China and Korea. Launched in China on 28 June 2005, Geely CK-1 processed 28 superb safety systems as its biggest selling point.



Geely CK-1’s compact exterior design is worth noting. With the spacious overall profile. the wide front, the smooth sideline and the cool front and rear-end design, Geely Free Cruiser has earned it the title of ‘China Benz’.

Geely CK-1


The simple dashboard assembly is fitted with a fine instrument panel, easy-to-use rotary air conditioning switch, a steering wheel that has a good hand feel and a joystick that moves in and out freely. Everything is designed to be user-friendly, making your driving easier, more comfortable and safer.

Geely Interior

101801003300601 Geely dashboard assembly

1017008018 Geely air conditioner control mechanism assembly

Personalized seats add warmth and comfort to the interior space of the car; the multi-dimensional seat adjustment system allows you to change the seat position at will, making your ride more comfortable.



180170518001 Geely seat assembly



Geely Free Cruiser with 1.587L displacement is powered by Geely’s self-developed MR481QA engine. The maximum power and torque are 78.7kw/6000rpm and 137nm/5200rpm respectively. It is very easy to drive an automobile weighing only 1050KG with this engine. Also, Geely Free Cruiser has good acceleration and low fuel consumption at high speeds.



1016009064 Geely Free Cruiser Fuel tank assembly


Safety System


Nine exterior safety protection systems

The 4210 welding points are accurately and evenly distributed, and the body structure is tough and firm. In the case of a car crash, they can scientifically resolve the impact forces from different angles, bringing all-around safety assurance to the driver and passengers. The high-strength A, B and C pillars can effectively protect the safety of drivers and passengers; the front and rear energy-absorbing zones, integrated side enclosures and double side impact beams on each door can reduce the external impact force, helping to protect drivers and passengers in times of crisis.


Eight interior safety systems

Interior safety facilities include dual front airbags, intelligent central control door locks, front adjustable seat belts, collapsible energy-absorbing steering column, etc. All of these help to ensure your personal safety.

Anti-theft facilities include an electronic intelligent key and steering wheel anti-theft lock ensuring the safety of your car.


Eleven safety systems for drivers and passengers

Geely Free Cruiser adopts EPS electronic intelligent power steering system, which is generally used for senior cars, and can automatically distribute steering force with the changing speed of the car, making it easy and flexible when steering at low speed and very smooth when steering at high speed; Also, the powerful 8-inch vacuum booster, high-penetrating wide-angle fog light and ABS+EBD can ensure the safety of driving; In addition, the light delay system and door courtesy light reduce risks that may arise when the door open in the dark. The double-curved electric wide-angle exterior mirrors are easy to adjust inside the car, with a wide view and fewer blind spots. Moreover, the high brake lights, the brake lining wear limited alarm device, the anti-glare rearview mirror, the rear windshield electric heating automatic defrost device and other devices increase the safety performance of Geely Free Cruiser from different sides.


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