Most frequent questions and answers

A:The product pictures on the website only serve as part of the display role, to get detailed product information, you can find our Facebook, Whatsapp and contact number in Contact Us, of course you can also leave us a message via email. We will reply within 24h on normal working days.

A:You can use Facebook, Whatsapp, Mobile and Email to contact the service staff who can give you the product lists. You select the product you want and mark the quantity and send it to us, we will send a quotation within 24h.

A: We can provide free samples, besides general parts, we also provide samples of customized products. If you have a need, please consult customer service first.

A: You can select products from the product list we provide or send us your purchase list, and our professional business team will accept and translate the order and reply with the delivery date within 3 working days.

We provide packaging design services for our customers to package their products in a beautiful way and to protect them in transit.

A:We have several domestic warehouses and overseas warehouses, which can be shipped directly from overseas warehouses and delivered to customers quickly.

A:We provide the necessary documents for customs clearance, including invoices and necessary documents.

A: All auto parts are sourced from the original parts factory, through three lines of prevention: incoming quality control, production line quality control and finished product quality inspection to ensure the product qualification rate. All products that pass these three lines of defense will be given a unique “qualified label”.

A:Production lead time for products not in stock is between 30 and 45 days depending on quantity.
Sea freight lead time is around 30 to 40 days depending on the country port.
Air freight lead time is about 7 days.

A:We provide customers with humanized service and guarantee after-sales service for products within one year (or 10,000 km).