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Name:GEELY CK-1 Engine​
OEM Model :1016004091
Fit Vehicle:CK-1

Name:JAC Engine​
OEM Model :4DA1-1(W03)
Fit Vehicle:BELL

OEM Model :JX493ZQ4A-73
Fit Vehicle:VIGUS

Name:YUTONG Bus Engine
OEM Model :C245-20 ZK6107
Fit Vehicle:ZK 6107HA

Name:YUTONG Bus Engine
OEM Model :1000-01006
Fit Vehicle:ZK6129H

Name:MAXUS G10 Engine​
OEM Model :C00028762
Fit Vehicle:G10

Name:JINBEI Engine​
OEM Model :6440000581
Fit Vehicle:HAISE

Name:YUCHAI Engine
OEM Model :YC6A260-20
Fit Vehicle:6108

Name:YUCHAI Engine
OEM Model :3021909
Fit Vehicle:4108

Name:Great Wall DEER Engine
OEM Model :4D28-CT
Fit Vehicle:DEER

Name:SINOTRUK Engine
OEM Model :1000100-2605
Fit Vehicle:HOWO

Name:SINOTRUK Engine
OEM Model :WD618.42Q
Fit Vehicle:HOWO

Name:SINOTRUK Engine
OEM Model :WD615.69
Fit Vehicle:HOWO

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China Brand Car Engine

As the source of car power, the engine is like the heart of the human body, and it is an extremely critical part of the car. Today let us have a simple understanding of the working principle of the engine and the type of engine.

How The Engine Works?​

The power of the engine comes from the inside of the cylinder, and the engine cylinder is a place where the internal energy of the fuel is converted into kinetic energy. It can be simply understood that the fuel burns in the cylinder, which generates huge pressure to push the piston up and down, transmits the force to the crankshaft through the connecting rod, and finally converts it into rotary motion, and then transmits the power to the driving wheel through the transmission and transmission shaft, thereby propelling the car forward.


Type Of Engine

-Gasoline Engine

Gasoline engines use gasoline as fuel. Because gasoline has low viscosity and fast evaporation, gasoline can be injected into the cylinder by a gasoline injection system. After compression reaches a certain temperature and pressure, it is ignited with a spark plug to expand the gas to generate power. Therefore, gasoline engines are often referred to as spark-ignition engines.

Gasoline engine

-Diesel Engine

Diesel engine is an engine that obtains energy release by burning diesel oil. The diesel engine directly injects diesel oil into the cylinder filled with compressed air through the fuel injection pump and fuel injection nozzle, and compresses and ignites naturally. It is evenly mixed with the compressed air in the cylinder, spontaneously ignites under high temperature and high pressure, and pushes the piston to do work and generate power. Diesel engines are also commonly referred to as compression ignition engines.

Diesel engines have the advantages of large torque and good economic performance, and are often used in heavy-duty vehicles, large passenger cars, construction machinery, ships, and generator sets.

-New Type of Engine

With the development of new energy technology, electric vehicle motors and hybrid power have also been introduced.

The overall structure of the engine

Diesel engine

First of all, the gasoline engine is composed of two major mechanisms and five systems, that is, a crank connecting rod mechanism, a valve mechanism, a fuel supply system, a lubrication system, a cooling system, an ignition system and a starting system.

The diesel engine is composed of two major mechanisms and four major systems, namely, the crank connecting rod mechanism, the valve mechanism, the fuel supply system, the lubrication system and the starting system.

Diesel engines are compression ignition and do not require an ignition system.

1. Crank connecting rod mechanism

The crank connecting rod mechanism is the main moving part for the engine to realize the working cycle and complete the energy conversion. It is composed of the body group, the piston connecting rod group and the crankshaft flywheel group.

Crank connecting rod mechanism

2. Valve mechanism

The function of the valve mechanism is to open and connect the intake valve and the exhaust valve regularly according to the working sequence and working process of the engine, so that the combustible mixture or air enters the cylinder, and the waste is discharged from the cylinder to realize the ventilation process.

Valve mechanism

3. Cooling system​

The function of the cooling system is to dissipate part of the heat absorbed by the heated parts in time to ensure that the engine works under the most suitable temperature state.

4. Fuel supply system

The function of the gasoline engine fuel supply system is to prepare a certain amount and concentration of mixture according to the requirements of the engine, enter the cylinder, and discharge the burned exhaust gas from the cylinder to the atmosphere. The function of the diesel engine fuel supply system is to enter the diesel and air into the cylinder respectively, form a mixture in the combustion chamber and burn it, and finally discharge the exhaust gas after combustion.


LEEIDA has many years of experience in auto parts, and can match various engines and engine accessories according to the needs of your car. If you have related needs, you can contact us at any time.

The next episode will introduce you to the overall structure and working principle of the engine. If you have anything else you want to know, you can feel free to contact us.