Clutch Set for Chery 

Clutch Set for Chery 

Clutch Pressure Plate

clutch pressure plateThe clutch pressure plate is made up of two discs similar to the flywheel, with a giant star groove on the disc, and the spring is installed in the groove. When encountering a fierce impact, the spring between the two discs The elastic effect of each other, buffering external stimuli, effectively protects the engine and clutch.

Our clutch pressure plate is made of high-quality steel, and the spring plate is quenched and processed, and its strength and wear resistance are much higher than other ordinary spring plates, with high accuracy and uniform force; the pressure plate cover is processed by continuous stamping die is accurate in size, can provide good tightening pressure and installation performance.

Clutch Plate

The working principle of the clutch plate is to transmit the engine power to the gearbox through the friction between the flywheel and the contact surface of the pressure plate and the driven plate. Our clutch plates are made of high-standard clutch-specific friction materials, which can ensure service life even in harsh environments; the specially designed wave spring plates can extend the clutch engagement time, making a start smoother, and the torque between the transmission and the engine with RPM transmission more evenly.

Clutch Release Bearing

clutch release bearingThe clutch release bearing is installed between the clutch and the transmission. Through the release bearing, the release lever can rotate and move axially along the output shaft of the clutch, so as to ensure that the clutch can be smoothly engaged, the separation is soft, the wear and tear are reduced, and the life of the clutch and the entire transmission system is prolonged. service life.

Our clutch release bearings are self-aligning for long life and are maintenance-free.

Among the various parts of the clutch, the strength of the pressure plate spring, the friction coefficient of the friction plate, the diameter of the clutch, the position of the friction plate and the number of clutches are the key factors that determine the performance of the clutch. The greater the strength of the spring, the higher the friction coefficient of the friction plate, and the larger the diameter of the clutch, the better the performance of the clutch.

Common faults of clutch:

  • Shaking when starting the vehicle
  • Insufficient acceleration
  • Difficult to shift gears
  • increase the fuel consumption
  • Pedals are not flexible
  • harsh noise

If your car has the above failures, it means that a new clutch needs to be replaced.

What are the advantages of LLEIDA’s clutch?

1. Quick-shift by one touch

After installing the clutch, the gear shift and speed increase are greatly improved, reducing the clutch clearance, and giving you a more comfortable driving experience.

2. Reduce jitter and be as stable as Mount Tai

Superb technical support to achieve a smooth start, 1st gear driving is smoother without shaking.

3. Reduce fuel consumption and reduce noise

Light pedals, energy-saving and fuel-saving, get rid of the driving environment surrounded by noise and make driving more comfortable.

How to buy a Chery clutch?

You can contact us through Facebook, WhatsApp, mobile phone or email, provide your model information or frame number, and we will provide you with a quotation within 24 hours and formulate the best purchasing plan.

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