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Wuling Auto Parts

Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (doing business as Wuling Motors –pinyin: Wǔlíng Qìchē; lit. ‘Five Diamonds Motors’) is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, officially established as a joint venture by Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co., Ltd. (shortened “Wuling Group”) and Wuling Automobile Group Holdings Ltd. They produce engines, special purpose vehicles, namely mini electric cars, people movers, trucks and buses, and auto parts. The first Wulings to be exported were sent to Thailand in 1992. In 2001, “SAIC Wuling Automobile Co. Ltd.” was established, with SAIC-GM-Wuling being established in 2002. It is a joint venture with SAIC Motor and General Motors.

Wuling microvans have been manufactured since 1982. In 1986 Wuling’s predecessor company, Liuzhou Automotive Industry Corporation, reached an agreement with Mitsubishi Motors to assemble the L100 type Mitsubishi Minicab. Originally, 90% of parts were imported, but gradually local parts content increased. This small van was sold as the Liuzhou Wuling LZ110.

Wuling Central locking

Wuling Central Locking

Wuling Exhaust gas recirculation valve

Wuling Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

Wuling Spark Plug

Wuling Spark Plug

Wuling Tailgate lock

Wuling Tailgate Lock

Wuling Warm air control assembly

Wuling Warm Air Control Assembly

Wuling Wiper motor

Wuling Wiper Motor

Current Cars

Wuling Hongguang
Wuling Hongguang S Classic
Wuling Hongguang S
Wuling Hongguang S1
Wuling Hongguang S3
Wuling Hongguang Mini
Wuling Hongguang V (Later rebadged as Rongguang V)
Wuling Hongguang Plus
Wuling Hongtu
Wuling Rongguang
Wuling EV50
Wuling Rongguang S
Wuling Rongguang V
Wuling Sunshine
Wuling Sunshine II
Wuling Sunshine S
Wuling Sunshine V
Wuling Sunshine
Wuling Dragon
Wuling Zhengcheng
Wuling Confero/Confero S
Wuling Formo
Wuling Cortez
Wuling Almaz
Wuling Victory
Wuling Zhengtu

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