China Jinbei Auto Parts


Jinbei is an Chinese automobile marque owned by Renault Brilliance Jinbei Automotive Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Brilliance Auto (51%) and Renault (49%) established in December 2017 and based in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. Until 2017, the marque were owned by Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automotive, a Brilliance subsidiary also based in Shenyang.
There are other sister companies which also used or related to the Jinbei marque: Brilliance Shineray and listed company Shenyang Jinbei Automotive.

Clutch thrust bearing

Jinbei Clutch Thrust Bearing

Jinbei Clutch slave cylinder

Jinbei Clutch Slave Cylinder

Jinbei Cylinder Head

Jinbei Cylinder Head

Jinbei fulter

Jinbei Fulter

Jinbei Piston

Jinbei Piston

Jinbei Engine

Jinbei Engine


Jinbei F50



Jinbei Hiase Serie

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