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JAC Motors (pinyin: Jiānghuái Qìchē; officially Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese state-owned automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer. The company is based in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. JAC began the export of vehicles to Bolivia in 1990, later expanding to over one hundred countries. Light trucks are a popular export product. Some JAC exports are in the form of knock-down kits, which are assembled at overseas factories in countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Mexico and Iran. As of 2010, a possible factory in Slovakia is under discussion. Such factories are not necessarily owned by or affiliated with JAC. Knock-down exports are an easy way to gain access to developing markets without added after-sales service costs.

JAC has a wide model line that spans from commercial trucks to small city cars, all directly copied from european or asian manufacturers. In 2009, a Pininfarina-designed city car, the JAC Tojoy, won numerous awards including the J.D. Power China Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) award.

JAC Air Conditioning Filter

JAC Air Conditioning Filter

JAC Air Flow Sensor

JAC Air Flow Sensor

JAC Clutch Assembly

JAC Clutch Assembly

JAC Exhaust Pipe Cleaner

JAC Exhaust Pipe Cleaner

JAC Hydraulic Lock

JAC Hydraulic Lock

JAC Ignition Coil

Current Series (JAC/Refine)

Refine A60 (2015–present), mid-size sedan

Refine M3 (2015–present), compact minivan

Refine M4 (2016–present), mid-size minivan

Refine M5 (2002–present), full-size minivan

Refine M6/ M6 MAX/ L6 MAX (2013–present), full-size minivan

Refine R3 (2017–present), compact MPV

Refine S2/iEV7S (2015–present), subcompact SUV

Refine S2 Mini (2016–present), subcompact crossover

Refine S3 (2016–present), subcompact SUV


Refine M2 (2012–2016), compact MPV

Refine S4 (2018–2020), compact SUV

Refine S5 (2013–2019), compact SUV

Refine S7 (2017–2020), mid-size SUV

Former Series (Heyue)

Binyue (2008–2012), mid-size sedan

Heyue (2011–2017), compact sedan and hatchback

Tongyue (2008–2017), subcompact sedan and hatchback

Yueyue (2010–2016), city car

Yueyue Cross (2012–2016), mini crossover

Heyue A20 (2013–2014), subcompact sedan

Heyue A30 (2012–2016), subcompact sedan

Heyue RS (2011–2012), compact MPV

Heyue S30 (2015–2016), subcompact SUV

Rein (2007–2013), compact SUV

Current Series (Jiayue)

Jiayue A5 (2019–present), compact sedan

Jiayue X4 (2020–present), compact SUV

Jiayue X7 (2020–present), mid-size SUV

Jiayue X8 (2020–present), mid-size SUV

JAC X200

JAC X200

Jac T6


Jac S3


Jac S2


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