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Foton was founded in 1996, and in 1998, it was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. Foton is member of BAIC Group, which is a Fortune 500 company. Foton has 32000 qualified employees and has become a leading enterprise of the internationalization of state-controlled commercial vehicles. Foton has cumulatively manufactured and sold 9,000,000 units. Foton continuously won the first prize of commercial vehicles’ production and sales for 14 years.A total of 610,000 vehicles were exported overseas. It has been China’s top commercial vehicle export for 9 consecutive years.

Foton Air filter

Foton Air filter

Foton Alternator

Foton Alternator

Foton cluch driven plate

Foton Cluch Driven Plate

Foton clutch pressure plat

Foton Clutch Pressure Plat

Foton Diesel filter

Foton Diesel Filter

Foton ISF3.8 four mating components

Foton ISF3.8 Four Mating Components

Foton View

Foton View

Foton Tunland

Foton Tunland

Foton Tm1

Foton Tm1

Foton Gratour Ix

Foton Gratour Ix

Foton Aumark

Foton Aumark

Foton Auman

Foton Auman

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Foton Auto Parts Purchase Guide​​

Beiqi Foton Motor Co.,Ltd. (be called for short Foton Auto) was established in 1996, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1998, it is the most comprehensive and largest commercial vehicle enterprise in China. Overseas has an export of 650,000, in 10 consecutive years, ranking first in China’s commercial vehicle exports, product covers 110 countries and regions around the world.

What brands and models are in Foton Auto?

Foton Auto owns major brands like Auman, AUV, Aumark, Ollin, Tunland, MP-X, View, and Loxa. Models include heavy, medium, light trucks, MVP, pickup, etc.

There are a wide variety of automotive parts and complicated functions. How do I identify my Foton auto parts?

Foton Auto Parts Classification

  1. Engine parts: engine, engine assy, cylinder block, flywheel, air compressor, supercharger, heat sink, oil filter, timing gear, pulley, engine belt, valve oil seal, piston, etc.
  2. Air inlet and exhaust parts: ternary catalyst, intake pipe, air filter, throttle, etc.
  3. Oil supply cooling parts: water pump, auxiliary kettle, electronic fan, coolant hose, thermostat, gasoline pump, water pump, nozzle, liquid level sensor, high pressure oil pump, oil cooler, fuel filter, etc.
  4. Walking hanging parts: shock absorber, gas pump, split box, differential, drive shaft, clutch pump, hub, wheel bearing, lower swing arm, yuan treasure beam, height sensor, etc.
  5. Steering system parts: steering column, power pump, steering oil tube, power assisted oil pot, tie rod, etc.
  6. Brake system parts: parking brake, brake disc, brake pad, brake pad induction line, speed sensor, ABS pump, etc.
  7. Electrical system parts: generator, camshaft sensor, ignition coil, starter motor, sensor, etc.
  8. Lighting parts: headlights, headlight brackets, tail lights, fog lights, turn signals, headlight drive modules, illuminators, etc.
  9. Appearance and interior parts: rearview mirror assembly, grille. Sun visors, fuel tank caps, fender linings, front hoods, rear trunk lids, doors, door handles, etc.
  10. Beauty care parts: transmission oil, steering oil, oil filter, air conditioning filter, coolant, oil, etc.

What is the difference between genuine parts, deputy factory parts, and dismantling parts?

Genuine Parts

The original parts are the parts produced by the parts manufacturer (supporting factory) designated by the automobile manufacturer (main engine factory), and then the main engine factory buys the parts from the supporting factory and supplies them to 4S shops or special service stations, and finally sells them to consumers. . Generally speaking, the quality, performance, matching degree and after-sales service of original parts are more guaranteed.

Deputy factory parts

Deputy factory parts refer to parts produced by manufacturers that are not authorized by the main engine factory. Since it has not been authorized and controlled by the main engine factory, although the price is cheap, the quality is uneven, and there are usually many copycats. It is not recommended for everyone to choose.

Dismantling parts

Car dismantling parts are second-hand parts that can be used after being removed from an old car. The biggest feature of car dismantling parts is that they are cheap, but for car owners who pay attention to quality, car dismantling parts are more risky, especially in terms of driving safety and performance. If it comes to safety parts, be sure to choose original parts, after all, safe driving is the most important thing.

How to Tell If an Oil Filter Is of Good Quality?

Anatomy of an Oil Filter

1. Shell material of Foton oil filter

The shell of the high-quality filter is made of high-quality sheet metal, and the thickness and strength of the shell can meet the requirements of product performance. While the shell of the inferior filter is stretched by some non-high-quality sheet metal and often appears thin shell, low strength, easy to deform during installation, oil leakage and other phenomena.

2. Foton Oil Filter Element

The filter element of the high-quality filter is heavy and has a good longitudinal bearing capacity, due to it has good quality, high density and many folds. While the filter elements of the inferior filter are often folded unevenly, and the folds are often connected by seams or staples, making it easy for impurities to pass through the gaps.

3. Surface coating

The high-quality filter has a surface coating to ensure the corrosion resistance of the housing. The high-strength shell resists all kinds of pulses and ensures the service life. While the inferior filters have no surface coating and are susceptible to corrosion. And due to the use of inferior materials or insufficient thickness of the shell, it is easy to burst and cause oil leakage.

4. Foton Oil Filter Seal

The high-quality filters ensure complete sealing with the engine, no leakage when the engine is running and it operates reliably at very high and very low temperatures. While the inferior sealing of filter and the engine is not reliable, and the filter may loosen when the engine is running, causing leakage, which is a great risk.

5. Firmness

The threaded base of the high-quality filter is firmly combined with the filter end cover end and fits precisely, and the rationally designed threaded base achieves mechanical and dynamic stability. While the inferior filter end cover has an insufficient seal to the threaded base and lacks stability, which can lead to end cover splitting and the risk of leakage.

How to buy high-quality Foton oil filters?

If you are still looking for Foton parts, please contact us and tell us what you need, we will provide you with a free product quotation, procurement cost assessment, transportation, and customs cost assessment, customized samples, and any import and export you want to consult any problems.

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LLEIDA has more than 15 years of experience in the import and export of auto parts, strategic cooperation with more than 3,000 state-owned, mixed and private factories, with more than 30,000 different products, and we can provide original parts of different brands to ensure the best quality and the most competitive price.

Foton Axle Shaft Assembly

Axle shaft, also known as drive shaft, is an important part of a car’s driveline. It is the solid shaft that transmits torque between the differential and the drive wheels. The inner end is connected with the side gear through a spline, and the outer end is connected with the hub through a flange. The structural form of the automobile half-shaft depends on the structure of the driving wheel. According to the force of the half-shaft, the half-shaft is divided into a full-floating half-shaft and a semi-floating half-shaft. The axle shaft is an important part of the normal driving of the car. The performance of the axle shaft plays an important role in the safe driving of the car.

Foton Axle Shaft Assembly

Axle Shaft Decomposition Diagram

The ball cage, also known as the constant velocity joint, is an important part of the car’s transmission system. Its function is to transmit the power of the engine from the transmission to the two front wheels to drive the car at high speed. Its main components are dust cover, three-way shaft, transmission shaft, inner race, cage, housing and other parts.

cv joint

How long does the half shaft need to be replaced under normal circumstances?

Mileage: 80000-100000 km

Use time: 60-90 months


In addition, the main reasons for the damage of the car half shaft are external impact or the quality of the rear axle is not up to standard. It also needs to be replaced when the half shaft assembly is damaged, broken or bent.

What will happen when the car half shaft broken down?

There will be a sound of metal friction or hard hitting of metal. After driving for a long time, you will find obvious partial wear on the tire;

If the direction is left or right, there will be abnormal noises;

When the car is driving at high speed, it will shake violently, which will cause our wheels to fall off when driving;

When driving, the body shakes violently, and obviously unbalanced.

3 reasons to choose LLEIDA half shaft assembly

①New upgrade

Support the center of gravity of the car to balance the performance of the car body, making the turning more stable and smooth.

②Long life and durable

Strong wear resistance, strong hardness, strong rust resistance, strong processing performance.

③Process casting

Automatic processing to achieve high-precision positioning, precision manufacturing.

How to buy Foton half shaft assembly

You can contact LLEIDA directly. In order to help you find the correct accessories, please let us know the frame number ( the vehicle identification code on the driving license, which consists of 17 letters and numbers) or the relevant information about the model, and we will provide you with very competitive prices and quality product guarantees.

Foton Car Generator Diagram

Foton Car Generator Diagram

The car generator is the main power source of the car. Its function is to supply power to all electrical equipment other than the engine and to charge the battery when the engine is running normally.

3 Major Advantages Of Choosing LLEIDA Foton Car Generator

  1. In-situ installation
    There is no deviation from the original car, accurate size, and one-step installation, and it can be used normally without any debugging and modification.
  2. High quality raw materials
    High-quality metal shell can effectively prevent surface thermal deformation and corrosion, is durable and not easy to deform.
  3. The current and voltage are stable
    The voltage performance test of the stabiliser and rectifier is in line with the standard

Precautions For Purchasing Foton Car Generators

  1. Most of the generators are dedicated to special vehicles, and they are equipped with different years and displacements. Therefore, you can find out with us before purchasing.
  2. For imported models, please provide the frame number ( the vehicle identification code on the driving license, consisting of 17 letters and numbers) to us, so that we can accurately find the generator you need.

Daily Maintenance Of Foton Car Generator

  1. Regular cleaning
    The generator is prone to produce some dirt in the daily work process. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is very likely that leakage will occur in a humid environment on rainy days. Therefore, regular self-cleaning or cleaning at a car maintenance shop can be done. For the wire, keep it dry frequently, and the rectifier should remove its dirt.
  2. Fasten the belt and the pole
    After the car runs for a certain period of time, the tightness of the generator belt should be properly adjusted. In addition, the calibration screws and tripod screws should be fixed and maintained at a certain tightness. If the pole is found to be loose, it must be tightened first to prevent unexpected situations.
  3. Regularly check the bearing wear
    Bearings are an important part of the working process of the generator. If excessive wear is found, some lubricating oil should be added. When adding oil, add it at the top, and the amount of addition should not be too much, otherwise, it is easy to produce some electrical energy transfer effects.

Foton 3-way Catalytic Converter

three-way catalytic converter

The three-way catalytic converter is a kind of exhaust gas purification device installed on the exhaust system of automobiles for environmental protection purposes. The outer shell is a metal structure, and the interior is a honeycomb ceramic carrier, with about 80 mesh holes per square centimeter. There are precious metal catalysts (such as platinum, rhodium, palladium, etc.).

The working principle of the three-way catalytic converter:

When the engine is working, the generated high-temperature gas passes through the three-way catalytic converter. When the temperature of the catalytic converter reaches 400 °C, the precious metals in the device play catalytic activity, and the exhaust gas is re-combusted, so that carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides in it are generated. Redox reaction to convert it into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water, etc., reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, and achieve environmental protection functions.

Common malfunctions of three-way catalytic converters:

1. Drive more than 100,000-200,000 kilometers and exceed the service life

2. High temperature sintering deformation, the effective coating is damaged or disappeared

3.  chemical poisoning failure

4.  rust and carbon scale blockage

The advantages of purchasing LLEIDA Foton three-way catalytic converter:

1. Using upgraded large-size catalytic filter element, sufficient catalyst and longer life.

2. Help car owners to solve the following troubles: eliminate fault alarms, solve exhaust gas substandard, solve abnormal noises in cars, ensure cars pass inspection easily, increase car power, and reduce car fuel consumption

How to buy a Foton three-way catalytic converter?

You can contact LLEIDA directly. In order to help you find the correct accessories, please tell us the frame number (the vehicle identification code on the driving license, which consists of 17 letters and numbers) or the relevant information of the model. We will provide you with the product quotation you need within 24 hours, and provide you with the best procurement plan to help you quickly buy the right Foton three-way catalytic converter.