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Changan auto parts

Chang’an Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Chongqing, China. Its principal activity is the production of passenger cars, microvans, commercial vans and light trucks. Changan designs, develops, manufactures, and sells passenger cars sold under the Changan brand and commercial vehicles sold under the Chana brand.

Chang’an is considered to be one of the “Big Four” Chinese automakers (along with SAIC Motor, FAW Group, and Dongfeng Motor Corporation), and manufacture of 3 million units in 2016 saw the company rank fourth among China’s automakers by production volume. It is China’s second most popular car brand, with 1.4 million Changan cars sold in 2016.

Changan Blower assembly

Changan Blower Assembly

Changan Brake Pad

Changan Brake Pad

Changan Front wheel bearing

Changan Front Wheel Bearing

Changan Lower Pulley

Changan Lower Pulley

Changan Spark Plug

Changan Spark Plug

Changan Universal Joint

Current Changan Models

Changan Benni

Changan Benni EV

Changan CS15

Changan CS15 EV

Changan CS35

Changan CS35 Plus

Changan CS55

Changan CS55 Plus

Changan CS75

Changan CS75 Plus

Changan CS85

Changan CS95

Changan UNI-T

Changan UNI-K

Changan Alsvin

Eado DT


Eado Blue (Hybrid version of the Eado)

Eado EV[19]

Eado XT (Hatchback version of the Eado)

Eado XT RS (Sport version of the Eado XT)

Changan Linmax

Changan Raeton

Changan Raeton CC (Redesigned sportier version of the Raeton)

Discontinued Changan Models

Alsvin Hatchback
Alsvin Sedan
Alsvin V3
Alsvin V5
Benni Love (Extended production version of the first-generation Benni)
Benni Mini (Extended production version of the second-generation Benni)
CX20 (Now built by Youngman Lotus)
CX30 Hatchback (CV8)
CX30 Sedan (CV8)
E30 EV
Changan SC6320G/Changan SC1011 (rebadged Suzuki Carry vans and trucks)
Joice (Jiexun)
Joice HEV (Hybrid electric version of the Joice, out of production within one year of market launch)[20]
CM5 (Rebadged Chana Star)

Current Kaicene models

Ruixing series

Ruixing ES30

Ruixing S50/Ruixing S50V/Ruixing S50T

Ruixing M60/Ruixing EM60

Ruixing M70

Ruixing M80 (Changan G10)/ Ruixing EM80

Ruixing M90

Star series

Star 3

Star 5

Star Truck/ Star truck EV

Star Truck C-type/ Star truck L1

Star 9/ Star 9 EV

Changan M201

Changan M201

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