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BYD Co. Ltd. (“Build Your Dreams”) is a Chinese manufacturing company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, founded in February 1995. It has two major subsidiaries, BYD Automobile and BYD Electronic. BYD has grown to become a major manufacturer of automobiles (most notably full-electric and hybrid cars, buses, trucks, etc.), battery-powered bicycles, forklift, solar panels and rechargeable batteries ( mobile phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries and renewable bulk storage).

The company has been recognized for innovation; for example, it has developed technologies that allow mobile phone batteries to be made at room temperature rather than inexpensive, heated dry rooms. In 2010, BusinessWeek ranked BYD the eighth most innovative company in the world and that same year saw Fast Company ranking BYD as the 16th most innovative.


BYD Brake Disc


BYD Blower


BYD Exhaust Valve

BYD Handbrake motor

BYD Shock Absorber

BYD Shock Absorber

BYD Sliding Door Motor

BYD Sliding Door Motor

Current Cars

BYD D1 Compact MPV developed with DiDi exclusively for ride hailing services (electric vehicle)

BYD e1 city car based on the F0 (electric vehicle)

BYD S2 subcompact SUV based on the Yuan (electric vehicle)

BYD e2 compact hatchback (electric vehicle)

BYD e3 compact sedan (electric vehicle)

BYD e5 compact sedan (electric vehicle)

BYD e6 compact MPV (electric vehicle)

BYD F3 compact sedan (petrol engine)

BYD Han mid-size sports sedan (plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Qin compact sedan (petrol engine / plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Qin Plus compact sedan (plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Qin Pro compact sedan (petrol engine / plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Song compact SUV (petrol engine / plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Song Plus compact SUV (plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Song Pro compact SUV (petrol engine / plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Song Max MPV (petrol engine / plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Tang mid-size SUV (petrol engine / plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle)

BYD Yuan subcompact SUV (electric vehicle)

Current Transit Buses

BYD K8A, K9FE, C9, C8, K6, T8SA, T3

BYD K6 electric bus (7m/23 ft)

BYD K7 (K7M) electric bus (8m/26 ft)

BYD K8 electric bus (10.5m/35 ft)

BYD K9 (K9M and K9S) electric bus (12m/40 ft)

BYD K10 electric bus (double decker, 10m/32 ft)

BYD K11 electric bus (articulated, 18m/60 ft)

Former Models

BYD F0 supermini (petrol engine)

BYD F6 mid-size saloon

BYD Flyer city car (2003–2008)

BYD G3 compact saloon

BYD G3-R compact hatchback

BYD G5 compact saloon successor to the BYD G3

BYD G6 mid-size sedan

BYD L3 (or New F3)- compact saloon

BYD F5 Surui compact sedan (petrol engine), which was a variant of the F3 and the basis for the e5

BYD F3-R compact hatchback




BYD S8 convertible







Song Pro

Song Pro



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