Car Modifications–How to choose the right car shock absorber?

car shock absorber

Before you modify your car you need to clarify the purpose of the modification: firstly, car shock absorber modification is to improve shock-absorbing performance, and secondly is to get it a better look. Each kind of car shock absorber modification has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should clarify which of the following situations you are in before car modification.


1. Give your car a better look

If the vehicle chassis needs to be lowered just to improve the appearance of the vehicle, you can simply choose short springs. A set of Chinese brand springs is only a few hundred dollars, while springs of well-known international brands may cost you thousands of dollars. The original shock absorber is enough to make the effect you need. Replacing the spring meets your need of improving the car outlook immediately and saves you some money.

But this kind of modification has the biggest problem. The original shock cartridge often has a large rebound force, in order to make people less uncomfortable, hence, the compression distance is also longer. But, after you mount a short spring, every compression get no protection from the spring. Even when the shock cylinder is compressed to the limit, the spring has not been compressed. So after being used for a period of time, the original shock will be destroyed, which often directly causes the shock cylinder leakage and then fails it.

So the short springs can only be used as a short-term transition during which intense driving is not allowed and a set of original shock absorbers should be prepared as a backup.

Short Spring

2. In pursuit of balance

If you want to pursue balance, sports suits can be a good option. For the same car model, there are often many sports suits to choose from. They differ in shock absorber spring, shock absorber cylinder thickness, and other aspects. So after the sports suit is modified, you need to adjust and replace the spring to control the height of the vehicle body and the suspension supportability.

There is no difference between the price of the shock absorber kit modification and height-adjustable damper modification. But shock absorber kit modification mainly meets the need of some car owners who want to improve the car performance and outlook under the premise of good daily driving and family uses.

shock absorber kit

3. For sports activists

If you are a sports activist, the height-adjustable damper is your best choice. This kind of product created for racing sports modification has many advantages. The height-adjustable damper is considered absolutely indispensable when it comes to improving the extreme performance of the vehicle when intense driving. The height of the vehicle can be adjusted but this adjustment needs to be done by a professional technician with the help of professional tools. The maintenance of the height-adjustable damper requires some attention in parameter settings such as damping adjustment, all springs, suspension height, and tilt adjustment. After the modification, the sports performance is significantly improved at the expense of some comfort.

The height-adjustable damper

4. For some style modification enthusiasts

Air bumper is mainly a favorite choice for some style modification enthusiasts. Because at anytime and anywhere, the height can be adjusted to the height that cannot be reached by many other shock absorbers. However, air suspension is not an ideal choice for most sports lover car owners as the suspension system cannot provide strong support to the owner. The pneumatic shock absorber with the complex structure cannot meet the“intensive driving” needs of many modified car enthusiasts.

Air suspension


Modifying a car is not as easy as replacing the wheels alone or changing the shock absorbers. It is like the overall improvement in car performance and operation. Therefore, if you really want to modify your car, you’d better consult professionals.

LLEIDA can provide a variety of high-quality vehicle shock absorbers that makes your driving safer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems. LLEIDA can provide you with professional answers and quality products.

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