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Types of the shock absorber

The material that generates damping, it can be divided into two types: hydraulic type and pneumatic type.

shock absorbers

Features of hydraulic shock absorbers

Hydraulic shock absorbers are commonly used in automotive suspension systems. Its principle is: when the frame and the axle reciprocate, the piston moves back and forth in the cylinder of the shock absorber, and the oil in the shock absorber shell repeatedly flows from one inner cavity to another through a narrow gap. At this time, the friction between the liquid and the inner wall forms a damping force on the vibration.

  • Damping oil has low boiling point and is sensitive to high temperature
  • Suitable for daily driving use
  • Emphasis on driving comfort
  • Suitable for short trips and urban use
hydraulic shock absorber

Double-barrel hydraulic shock absorbers are widely used in trucks, middle and low-end cars, etc.

Features of pneumatic shock absorbers

The pneumatic shock absorber is a new type of shock absorber developed in the 1960s. The lower part of the cylinder is equipped with a floating piston, and a closed air chamber formed by the floating piston, and one end of the cylinder is filled with high-pressure nitrogen. A large-section O-ring is installed on the floating piston, which completely separates oil and gas.

When the wheel bumps up and down, the working piston reciprocates in the oil, causing the oil pressure difference between the upper and lower chambers of the working piston, and the pressure oil pushes the compression valve and the expansion valve to flow back and forth. Since the valve produces a large damping force on the pressure oil, the vibration is attenuated.

  • Insensitive to high temperature
  • Suitable for sport and competition driving
  • Clear road feeling, good control feeling
  • suitable for long distance driving
pneumatic shock absorber

Low-pressure gas-filled shock absorbers, commonly used in mid-to-high-end cars, have been widely used at home and abroad.

Retrofit shock absorbers

At present, the common shock absorbers for car modification have the following three methods: short springs, twist shock absorbers, and pneumatic shock absorbers.

As an entry-level car suspension modification method, short springs can effectively reduce the body height and have the advantage of lower cost, so they have become the first choice for beginners to modify.

Modifying the adjustable shock absorber can not only reduce the height of the body but also change the handling of the vehicle. Since the adjustable shock absorber is a complete set, the modified shock absorber has different damping, and the spring is also harder. The combination of the two improves the support force of the shock absorber.

The aerodynamic shock absorber can reduce the height of the body to a minimum, and can switch to a normal state at any time, which can make the modified car show an excellent low lying effect even when it is stationary. Compared with the adjustable shock absorber, its biggest advantage is the passability and convenience, which can effectively avoid the scratching of the chassis.

What are the Chinese car shock absorber brands?

Ningbo Tuopu Imp. & Exp. Corp. is mainly committed to the research and development and manufacturing of automotive power chassis systems, trim systems, intelligent driving control systems, and other fields. Now it has become a global supplier to Audi, BMW, Fiat-Chrysler, GM, Geely, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, and other automakers.

Zhejiang Xichuan shock absorber co.,ltd is a shock absorber manufacturer with a long history in China, supporting all tonnage trucks and special vehicles. The company started by supporting some Chinese brand models such as Chery Fengyun, Arrizo, BYD, and some models of FAW. By 2018, Xichuan has become a complete solution provider of shock absorbers for many popular brands, such as Roewe RX5, MG Ruiteng, Roewe i5, and other popular Chinese brand models.

China Changan Automobile Group Ningjiang Shock Absorber Branch Company belongs to Changan Group, located in Chengdu, Sichuan, and is a national-brand automobile shock absorber supplier. It produces shock absorbers for civilian vehicles, as well as shock absorbers for armored vehicles, military vehicles, and aircraft.

LLEIDA is a professional supplier of emerging Chinese brand auto parts, the product range is from screws to engines, and the brand covers all Chinese brand cars. At present, Geely, Sinotruk, Great Wall, Jiangling, BYD, BAIC, Sany Heavy Industry, Xugong, Shantui, and other brands have been involved, and they have achieved strategic cooperation with more than 3,000 original and alternative auto parts manufacturers.


LLEIDA can provide various types of shock absorbers required by Chinese brand cars, just tell us your needs, and we are willing to provide you with products and services!

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