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Name:GEELY Belt​
OEM Model :4PK835
Fit Vehicle:GX2 2010-2014 1.3L/1.5L

Name:SUZUKI Belt​
OEM Model :4PK835
Fit Vehicle:FREDA 2006-2009 1.3L

Name:VW Belt​
OEM Model :4PK835
Fit Vehicle:SANTANE VISTA 2008-2014 1.8L

Name:BYD Belt​
OEM Model :5PK865
Fit Vehicle:F3 2005-2012 1.6/1.5

Name:LINGYUE Belt​
OEM Model :5PK865
Fit Vehicle:V3 2008- 1.6/1.5

Name:FSV Belt​
OEM Model :5PK865
Fit Vehicle:FRV 2008-2010 1.3/1.6

Name:GWM Belt​
OEM Model :6PK2115
Fit Vehicle:HAVAL H6

Name:GEELY Belt​
OEM Model :K0139117
Fit Vehicle:CK 2005-2015 1.3L/1.6L/1.5L

Name:GEELY Belt​
OEM Model :K0139117
Fit Vehicle:LC 2008-2014 1.3L/1.5L

Name:GEELY Belt​
OEM Model :K0139117
Fit Vehicle:JINGANG 2005-2015 1.3L/1.6L/1.5L/1.8L

Name:GAGC Belt​
OEM Model :K0277145
Fit Vehicle:ROEWE 550/750/W5

Name:GAGC Belt​
Fit Vehicle:MG6/MG7

Name:BYD Belt​
OEM Model :K0177135
Fit Vehicle:S6/S8/M6/F6/G6 2.0

Name:JMC Belt​
OEM Model :1307012A1A
Fit Vehicle:N-SERIES

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Types Of Belts In The Engine

Timing Belt​

The timing belt is an important part of the engine’s air distribution system. It is connected with the crankshaft and matched with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust time. The use of belts rather than gears for transmission is because belts are less noisy, less variable and easier to compensate for. Obviously, the life of the belt must be shorter than that of the metal gear, so the belt should be replaced regularly.


According to the materials used, mainly CR(Chloroprene Rubber) timing belts and HNBR(Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber) timing belts.

Chloroprene Rubber timing belts have the following advantages:

  • Good heat resistance: It can be used for a long time in the working environment of 120℃.
  • Good aging resistance: especially excellent ozone resistance.
  • Good chemical stability: In addition to strong oxidizing acids, it is resistant to the erosion of general chemicals.
  • Good fire resistance and water resistance.

Chloroprene Rubber timing belts are widely used in automobile transmission belts with their good comprehensive performance and excellent cost performance, especially for small displacement models.

Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber timing belts have better performance:

  • Excellent oil resistance: Hydrogenated nitrile has very low oil expansion resistance and higher oil resistance.
  • Good durability: Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber timing belts have better dynamic performance than neoprene timing belts.
  • Excellent wear resistance: Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber timing belts wear less than Chloroprene Rubber timing belts, effectively prolonging the life of timing belts and reducing noise.

Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber timing belts have better performance and higher price to become the first choice for mid-to-high-end cars.

PK Belt

PK belts are mainly installed in auxiliary machines such as water pumps, generators, air-conditioning compressors, and power steering pumps.

According to the material used, it is mainly divided into CR (Chloroprene Rubber) PK belts and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) PK belts.

  1. Chloroprene Rubber PK belts have certain cold and heat resistance, not only good flex resistance, but also better than general unsaturated rubber in aging resistance and ozone aging resistance, and they have good oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical stability , adding short fibers can withstand higher lateral pressure, increase pressure resistance, reduce stress deformation.

  2. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer PK belts are more excellent in aging resistance, especially ozone aging resistance, weather resistance and heat aging resistance, and their electrical insulation properties, chemical corrosion resistance, and impact elasticity are better (elasticity retention performance at low temperature better).

V Belt

V belt is a belt driven by the crankshaft, its main purpose is to drive the engine fan and water pump.

V belt

According to the structure, it is divided into two types: cloth-wrapped V belt and edge-cut V belt.

The edge-cut V belt mainly consists of three parts: the top fabric, the tension thread/tensile body and the bottom rubber.

Top fabric: The top consists of one or more layers of cloth that are specially treated to be more durable.

Tension Thread: The backbone layer is constructed of polyester thread. These cords are strong enough to withstand impact during use, resist stretching, bend easily, have heat shrink properties, and are durable.

Bottom rubber: It is composed of heat and oil resistant neoprene, and the cross-section neoprene contains specially treated synthetic fibers.

The cloth-wrapped V-belt is mainly composed of top rubber, tensile body, bottom rubber and wrapping cloth.