Clutch Set for Chery 


LLEIDA clutch pressure plate is made of high-quality steel, and the spring plate is quenched and processed, and its strength and wear resistance are much higher than other ordinary spring plates…

Best 4 shock absorber suppliers in China

Best 4 shock absorber suppliers in China

Types of the shock absorber The material that generates damping, it can be divided into two types: hydraulic type and pneumatic type. Features of hydraulic shock absorbers Hydraulic shock absorbers are commonly used in automotive suspension systems. Its principle is: when the frame and the axle reciprocate, the piston moves back and forth in the […]

Great Wall Shock Absorber Buying Guide

Great Wall Shock Absorber

Structure of Great Wall Shock Absorber As shown in the figure, the Great Wall shock absorber assembly is composed of shock absorber, spring, top rubber, bearing, buffer block, dust cover, and other accessories. Types of Great Wall Shock Absorbers Different models need to be equipped with different types of shock absorbers in order to achieve […]

7 Signs of Bad or Failing Shock Absorber

7 Signs of Bad or Failing Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are widely used to improve the comfort of car driving. When the shock absorber fails, the driving experience will also deteriorate, so how can we judge that the shock absorber is faulty? 1. Increased roll or even sideslip when turning When the resistance of the shock absorber is too small, the compression of […]

6 Q&As About The Shock Absorber

6 Q&As About The Shock Absorber

Recently, many customers who have purchased LLEIDA shock absorbers have raised some questions. In response to these questions, we have made the following answers: 1. How to adjust the damping of the shock absorber, what is turning left and turning right mean? The damping is adjusted clockwise to the lowest end, which means that it […]

Car Modifications–How to choose the right car shock absorber?

Car Modifications--How to choose the right car shock absorber

Before you modify your car you need to clarify the purpose of the modification: firstly, car shock absorber modification is to improve shock-absorbing performance, and secondly is to get it a better look. Each kind of car shock absorber modification has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should clarify which of the following situations […]

Brake Pads 101-The Ultimate Brake Pads Guide

The Ultimate Brake Pads Guide – Find The Right Brake Pads For You If you’re shopping for Brake Pads or Brake Rotors, then you most likely have questions like:what kind of brake should I need? Which is better disc brake or drum brake?We have answers! Read this complete guide to parasol bases so you know […]