7 Signs of Bad or Failing Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are widely used to improve the comfort of car driving. When the shock absorber fails, the driving experience will also deteriorate, so how can we judge that the shock absorber is faulty?

1. Increased roll or even sideslip when turning

When the resistance of the shock absorber is too small, the compression of the spring cannot be effectively suppressed. When the car turns, the roll of the car body increases significantly, and even side slip occurs in severe cases.

2. Shock absorber leak

Healthy shock absorbers look dry, Internal seal equipment keeps the suspension liquid stable.

When the seal wears, the suspension liquid leaks onto the shock. The hydraulic oil in the shock absorber will leak from the upper part of the piston rod, and the shock absorber will basically fail.

Shock Absorber 1

3. Uneven tire wear

When the shock absorbers fail, the tires wear unevenly, the ride becomes bumpy, and the experience of driving becomes worse. Especially when the car is passing through rough roads or speed bumps, the wheels make a “pop” sound, indicating that the shock absorbers on the wheels have not worked.

4. Extended braking distance

When you press the brake pedal, the brake system takes a few seconds or more to respond. It means that the shock absorber is damaged and the braking is slow.

5. The shock absorber temperature did not rise after driving on rough roads

After a while on rough roads, we felt the temperature of the shock housing with our hands. Under normal conditions, the shock absorber housing is warm. If the shock absorber housing is cold, it means the shock absorber is damaged.

Shock Absorber 2

6. Steering wheel vibration

There are many components such as piston seals and valves inside the shock absorber. When these components wear, instead of maintaining a steady flow, the fluid will flow out of the valve or seal. This will cause vibrations from the steering wheel. The vibrations get stronger if you drive over potholes, rocky terrain or bumps.

7. Poor rebound effect when you press the car

When the car is parked, we press on a corner of the car and release it, the part bounces under the force of the spring. If the rebound is fast and stable, it means the shock absorber is good; but if the shock absorber stops after repeating several times, it indicates that the resistance effect of the shock absorber is slightly poor.


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