6 Q&As About The Shock Absorber

Recently, many customers who have purchased LLEIDA shock absorbers have raised some questions. In response to these questions, we have made the following answers:

1. How to adjust the damping of the shock absorber, what is turning left and turning right mean?

The damping is adjusted clockwise to the lowest end, which means that it is the hardest state at present, and one counterclockwise is a model.

Some shock absorbers have a damping adjustment valve at the low end, and there are numbers such as 1,2,3 on them. The larger the number, the greater the damping. The other type of shock should be adjusted according to an adjustment instruction on the damping key. S stands for soft direction and H for hard direction.

2. The damping of the shock absorber has been adjusted to the softest, why is the car still bumpy?

First, confirm a preload value of the lower spring and the K value of the spring. If the preload value or the K value is too large, it is useless for us to adjust the damping. So choose the preload value or K value according to your usage.

Shock Absorber

3. After replacing the shock absorber or short spring, do we need to do alignment?

First of all, When the vehicle is replaced with a short spring or adjustable absorber, if the height of the vehicle changes, the suspension geometry of the whole vehicle has changed, and the tires will have a slight inclination, alignment is necessary in this case.

4. Why is there any abnormal noise after installing the adjustable absorber?

It may be the abnormal noise caused by the quality of itself; it may also be that when the shock absorber system is strengthened, other accessories are not strengthened simultaneously so that all the force will be transmitted to the weaker parts.

5. When adjusting the adjustable absorber, the 4 shock absorbers are the same height, can the damping be different?

The adjustable absorber can be continuously adjusted according to your needs and can be debugged as long as it is within the appropriate range of the manufacturer.

6. Why does the car shakes when accelerates rapidly after changing the adjustable absorber, and returns to normal after the speed slows.

The toe angle and inclination of the drive wheels may change when the ride height is changed. At this time, we need to do an alignment to correct the four-wheel parameters. If it still shakes after finishing, it is recommended that you take a look at the driveshaft or some of the bushings of the chassis for looseness or cracks.

I hope the above answers about shock absorbers can be helpful to you.

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