5 Signs It’s Time To Replace The Brake Pads

5 signs it's time to replace the brake pads

The brake pad is the most critical safety component in the braking system as it is the decisive factor of the effectiveness of car brake. As brake pads are wearable, we need to keep an eye on their condition and know when to replace them.

There are 5 signs that warn you to replace your brake pads.


Miles you drive

Your brake pads go through wear and tear every time you press your brake. The degree of wear varies as each individual exerts a different force. Also, the wearing force on the brake pads on the front and rear wheels are different. Usually, the front wheel brake pads last 30,000-40,000 miles while the rear wheel brake pads last 60,000-80,000. If your driving miles have reached these ranges, you’d better have them checked.


The thickness of brake pads

Normally a brand new brake pad is about 1.5CM thick. If you find that they are already less than 0.5CM thick, then it is time to replace them.

The thickness of brake pads



Brakes pads are equipped with a wear indicator that squeals when your pads need replacing. If your brake pads give off a very squeaking and squealing noise, they are too worn to continue driving. In this case, you need to replace them immediately. Besides, you have to check brake disks as they may get some degree of worn and torn.

wear indicator


Mushy pedal

If you have to press your brake pedal down much harder than you used to do to slow down and stop the car and the pedal goes practically to the floor before engaging the brake, these indicate worn brake pads and it’s time to get them changed.


Brake warning light

If you see the brake warning light on your dash come on, you need to inspect your brake system or have it inspected as soon as possible. Most cars today have the warning light on the dashboard which will light up when brake pads are so worn, reminding you to change them.

Brake warning light


Excessively worn down brake pads can be one of the threats to driving safety, thus you should be aware of these indicators mentioned above that remind you to get brake pads replaced. Do not hesitate to contact LLEIDA should you have any further questions.

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