3 Things You Should Know About Car Shock Absorber

A damping spring and a shock absorber in the vehicle suspension system minimize jolts when the vehicle is running. The shock-absorbing spring filters the road vibration. However, the spring itself should bounce. The shock absorber is the device to prevent the bouncing spring. 

Classification of Automobile Shock Absorber

Usually, there are two types of automobile shock absorbers: hydraulic and pneumatic shock absorbers.

1. Hydraulic shock absorbers

The damping material is oil, and resistance is generated by the flow of oil.

hydraulic shock absorbers

2. Gas-filled shock absorbers

The damping material is oil and nitrogen. The working principle is still hydraulic damping. What difference is the additional gas medium. The two damping materials enhance vehicle stability.

gas-filled shock absorbers

The shock absorbers used in car suspension systems are generally hydraulic shock absorbers

The Working Principle of Vehicle Shock Absorber

1. Hydraulic shock absorbers

When there is a relative movement between the frame (or body) and the axle due to vibration, the piston in the shock absorber moves up and down and the oil in the shock absorber cavity repeatedly flows from one cavity to another through different pores. At this time, the friction between the pore wall and the oil and the internal friction between the oil molecules form a resistance to the vibration, so that the energy of the vibration of the car is transformed into the thermal energy of the oil, which is then absorbed by the shock absorber and distributed into the air.

2. Gas-filled shock absorbers

The structure features a floating piston in the lower part of the cylinder barrel. The high-pressure nitrogen is filled in the closed chamber formed by the floating piston and one end of the cylinder barrel. On top of the floating piston is the shock absorber oil, which is separated from the gas by an O-ring seal. The piston is equipped with a compression valve and an extension valve, both of which are made up of a set of spring steel pieces of equal thickness and varying diameter, arranged from large to small.

When the wheel bounces up and down, the piston makes a reciprocating movement in the oil, causing a difference in oil pressure between the upper and lower chambers of the piston, and the pressure oil then pushes open the compression or extension valve and flows back and forth. The valve bore creates a large resistance to the oil, thus attenuating the vibration.


1. Regularly check the automobile shock absorber regularly

Press hard on the bumper, if the car has 2-3 jumps after you release the press, it means the shock absorber is working well. When you drive slowly and suddenly brake the car, if the car jolt violently, it means there’s something wrong with the shock absorber and you have to replace it in time.

2. Regularly add oil to the car damper

The reducing oil the shock absorber reduces will affect its performance. So you should regularly add oil to the vehicle shock absorber to ensure its function. Also, if the shock absorber has been used for a long period of time, you will find a thick layer of oil stains on its surface. In this case, you should deal with it in a timely manner, or else your automobile shock absorber won’t work well.

3. Performance test

After inspection and repair, the shock absorber should be tested on a special test bench. When the resistance frequency is 100±1mm, it meets the requirements.

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