3 Steps To Replace Brake Pads

Brake pads are car components that are easy to wear out. If you learn to change brake pads on your own, it will save you a lot of money and time. Do you know the steps to replace brake pads?

To replace the brake pads you need these tools: a jack, screwdriver, cross wrench, hammer, brake regulator, etc. Once you get all these tools, you can get started.




Step 1: Remove the wheel

Before lifting the car off the ground, you can easily loosen the fastening bolts as the large friction between the tires and the ground helps fix the tire. If you lift the car first, the bolts can be too tight to be unscrewed. Loosen the bolts by half a turn instead of unscrewing them completely and then jack up the car and remove the wheel. You can place the removed tire underneath the frame for extra safety, preventing the car from dropping all the way down in a worst-case scenario.



Remove the wheel


Step 2: Unbolt the caliper

Unscrew the two bolts holding the caliper in place. If you leave the caliper dangled by the brake line, you may damage your brake line. So you have to find a place to put your caliper where it is out of the way and there’s no pressure on the brake line. Then, you can remove the brake pads. Some cars have two iron pins to fix the brake caliper so you should remove them to take the whole clamshell off. After removing the caliper, you can remove the brake pads. To install new brake pads, you have to use a compressor tool to compress the piston all the way back into the caliper because new brake pads are thicker.


Unbolt the caliper


Step 3: Install the wheel back and test the brake

After replacing the brake pads, install the bolts or pins, put the wheels back and tighten all the nuts. Then you need to enter the car, start up the car, pump the brakes a few times until you get a firm pedal.


It’s not difficult to change brake pads. After reading this article you are now able to change your own brake pad. Give it a try! If you’re experiencing any problems, contact LLEIDA! We have experts to answer all your questions and provide you with quality products.


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